Skiron is a flight simulator of sorts, written from 'first principles': it includes an SSE-optimized vector/matrix mathematics library, a fixed-function triangle-rendering pipeline with flat shading, a Wavefront .OBJ loader, a simple GUI library, as well as a very basic flight model.

It was originally written for DOS systems using DPMI as part of a class project, though I have ported it to use the SDL on Linux systems. There are a few bugs that have been fixed in the Linux version, though the DOS version is (almost always) playable.

As Skiron uses SSE instructions, it is quite closely tied to x86-derived architectures. It has been tested on both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux, as well as several different DOS machines with different configurations. In theory the math library has a native C fallback, though it has not been tested in a very long time and likely does not work.

Oh, and there is an easter egg. Try finding it without reading the source!