ethereality, noun: the quality of being ethereal

Welcome to ethereality! I'm Kestrel Williams-King 1, though I go by ethereal online. I'm a software engineer at Elpha Secure, where I work on all things infrastructure.

I previously studied at the University of Calgary and graduated with a BSc Honours in Computer Science and a minor in Pure Mathematics. I also studied at the University of British Columbia as a master's student in the computer science department, advised by Bill Aiello, and at Brown University, advised by Vasilis Kemerlis.

You can view my full CV if you'd like.

My interests are varied; within computer science, they concentrate on low-level systems programming (operating system development, malware security, etc), programming languages, and computer hardware/software interfaces. Outside of computer science, I enjoy cryptography, philosophy, linguistics, reading fiction, writing fiction, and talking about things with other people. Send me an email if you like any of those as well! Or even if you don't. I'm sure we'll have something to talk about.

You can contact me at my personal email address or my work email address. Also, you can find me on GitHub, or if you'd prefer, GitLab.

(I also run my own git server, because I'm a strong believer in people having freedom of choice.)

My GPG key fingerprint is 7EDC 6B6A CDD2 3974 2A38 A7BE 8126 6D74 3F9D 1476. Please feel free to use it when communicating with me.

Happy hacking!

  1. My legal name is Kent Williams-King, but I prefer to go by Kestrel.