Aesalon is an ongoing project to create a real-time program behaviour visualization tool. Originally started in 2009, it has undergone several rewrites and is currently on hiatus as of early 2012.

The basic idea behind Aesalon is to collect data on how a program is interacting with its surrounding libraries and the operating system, and then construct interesting and useful displays and/or visualizations of the data. The system is designed to function both in real-time and using log files.

The original scope of Aesalon was only to monitor the use of dynamically- allocated memory inside a target process; since then a rewrite has gifted it with a module system that allows for a much wider range of data collection. From I/O monitoring to thread-specific CPU use and semaphore/mutex locking/ unlocking (deadlock-finding anyone?) through memory monitoring, Aesalon has the potential to be a very versatile tool.

Unfortunately, it is currently not in a stable state, and hence there is no source snapshot available.