Welcome to ethereality. This is the website of a Canadian University student, currently studying computer science, though in the past I have also delved deeply into mathematics and logic. My name (and the University I attend) can be found though a small amount of effort, should you be so inclined.

My interests are varied; within computer science, concentrate on low-level systems programming (operating system development, malware security, etc), algorithms, and strong AI. Outside of computer science, I like abstract algebra, graph theory, cryptography, proof theory, reading fiction, writing fiction, and talking about things with other people. Send me an email if you like any of those as well! Or even if you don't. I'm sure we'll have something to talk about.

On that note, if you'd like to contact me for any reason, you can send me an email at ethereal, of which the domain is the canonical one for this website.

Since I personally support the use of strong end-to-end encryption of correspondence and data transfer, you are welcome to use GPG to sign and/or encrypt any communiques. My GPG key fingerprint is 3F9D1476.1

Happy hacking!

- ethereal

  1. If you'd like the full fingerprint for verification purposes, it is 7EDC 6B6A CDD2 3974 2A38 A7BE 8126 6D74 3F9D 1476. After all, trusting only a 32-bit GPG key fingerprint is not a good idea!